What do clients say about their experience with Good Energy Therapies?


Personal Trainer 

"Katie worked on me for a number of weeks and is by far the best massage therapist I have ever had.

She is skilled in a number of massage techniques, and makes you feel at ease throughout every session.

Her holistic and relaxing approach to what she does is absolutely amazing. I would definitely recommend working with her whatever your massage needs may be."


Travel Agent


"Katie is a true professional. She is a great listener and will always look for the most suitable way to help you.

She really helped me to relax mentally and physically .

After several sessions of hot stones and essential oils aromatherapy massages, I can really feel the improvement on my body.

I would definitely recommend Katie. If you are looking for deep relaxation and body bliss, you are in for a treat!" 

Shirly & Eran

Translator & Teacher

"Katie has provided us with a package of professional reflexology treatments.


After asking each of us about our medical histories and current health issues, Katie built a special treatment programme which focussed on our desired aims. 

We found Katie's sessions very pleasant and relaxing. For us, it was an hour for ourselves in the middle of our busy work week, releasing the stress and tension we collected in our bodies and minds every day.

Katie is a great therapist – she was attentive to our needs, sensitive and nice, and has hands that make your body feel so good!"



Make-Up Artist 

I had reflexology with Katie. It was absolutely out of this world, so relaxing and comforting. I would quite liked to have cancelled my plans for the evening and stayed there instead.

Katie is welcoming, clearly incredibly knowledgeable and creates an amazing experience. She combines hot stones and aromatherapy with the reflexology which really enhances the treatment.

She left me clear instructions about what to do to minimise any potential healing crisis and what kind of symptoms I might expect. It was perfect. I will definitely be going back!


Author, Business Coach 


"Katie has a great passion for her job and how her knowledge and experience can make a difference in her clients well-being.

She is very professional, warm, welcoming and has a very good understanding of anatomy. She uses that knowledge to target very specific areas. 

From the moment you meet her you know you are in good hands!"


Project Manager



"Katie is a very considerate massage therapist who takes the time to get to know you and what you want out of each session.

Highly recommend."




"I have twice been given a most wonderful hot stone-aromatherapy, reflexology treatment from Katie which was wonderful. And I would have no hesitation in recommending her as an extremely good therapist.
She took care of my every need, made sure I was comfortable, explaining exactly what was going to happen. I felt very luxurious with the smell of the oils and calming music; it felt very calming and a very secure space. Her pressure to my feet during the treatment was perfect and I felt myself drift away on both occasions, to the most relaxing place. 
The aftercare was perfect too. Katie provided me with water and told me exactly what I could expect (although not presuming) after the treatment and how I would need to drink lots of water and take good care of myself.  Katie even checked on my progress throughout the week.
I would certainly recommend my treatment as a high spot and I certainly will be returning on a very regular basis."  

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